COMING 2020 / Action, Adventure & Romance!

"Do you think I'm a monster, Shay?"

Shayna followed her heart when she married Sean, knowing that his past actions could destroy them both. His secrets became her burden that day, too. And as much as she loves him, she will never forget what he did to her ex-husband. Or that he rescued her daughter from monsters. She knows her husband is capable of terrible things. And extraordinary things. She married him with her eyes wide open, consequences and conscience be damned. Yet, memories of her ex-husband linger, torment her, remind her that there is a price for keeping secrets.

And Sean’s secrets have followed them to Singapore…

He always knew his past would come knocking. He planned for it. As a former SEAL, Sean leaves nothing to chance. But this time is different. He has a wife to protect. A woman who says she will love him no matter what lurks in his sordid past. He doubts that. He hears what she mumbles about him in her sleep. And he also knows who else appears in her dreams… Her ex.

Sean wants to focus on their future. But first he must lay his past to rest and undertake a personal mission to punish the man who poisoned his soul. It is a reckoning two decades in the making. He has given the orders. The plan is in motion. Everything is under control. Or is it?

Because even if Sean survives his last mission, the future is no longer his alone to shape. He has a wife now. A strong-willed woman he cannot control as he has everything else in his life before her. He knows she will demand answers from him about his past if they are to continue their future together. Does she really want to know everything about him?

Careful with the questions. The answers cannot be unheard…

And the truth may force him to set her free.

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