eBook series with young woman and young man on cover

new adult romantic suspense series

"It never had to be this way, Nick. You know that, right?"

  • A girl with a go bag and a getaway plan
  • A guardian obsessed with controlling her 
  • A determined boyfriend who will upend everything


Olivia is determined to escape her legal guardian, Nick. The first step in her getaway plan: transfer to an out-of-state college. The first obstacle to her plan: Jake, a grad student she runs into on the new campus. He makes her laugh. He makes her happy. He makes her feel normal. Things she hasn't felt in a long time. Now, she's second-guessing her plan to leave everything behind.


Jake never met a girl like Olivia. And now he can't imagine his life without her. Yet, he’s not certain she feels the same way about him. She doesn't seem concerned whether they last beyond a night, a month. Or forever. This is unfamiliar territory for a former playboy turned willing boyfriend. He wants a future with Olivia. But he feels like there's something holding her back from him. Something she's not telling him… 


Nick has waited long enough. It's time for Olivia to grow up and be the woman—the wife—that he deserves. He saved her life ten years ago when they both lost everything, and he's not going to lose her now, too. In fact, he's hell-bent on salvaging what remains of their shared tragedy, hell-bent on making her face him and their past. But most of all, he's hell-bent on keeping her where she belongs.


With him.



Book 1 ends with unanswered questions and a cliffhanger.

Book 2 contains the answers and a cliffhanger.

Book 3 is the resolution and HEA.

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