eBook and paperback image of HellKat with man and woman above big city nightscape

+35 opposites attract, Mystery & Suspense

"You kept going back to him. Over and over. Him. Always him.” His eyes finally lifted to meet hers with a plea weighing heavy in them. “Why him, Kat?” 

  • A headstrong NYC businesswoman
  • An easygoing Montana horse rancher
  • An old flame looking for another chance

Kat James doesn't need a man. That may explain her losing record with them. It's not for lack of trying. She's been eating at the dating smorgasbord in NYC for a long time. She's just not interested in filling her plate with anything she's tasted so far. If a long-term relationship is in the cards for her, a man will have to drop from the sky. And maybe the perfect one has...
When Tucker Williams meets Kat James, sparks fly. She's the hellcat he's been looking for. Tucker knows he's met his match in Kat. Now, he needs to show her that he's her best match, too. But that's difficult with her family's snooty disapproval of him. And even harder when her longtime on-again, off-again old flame is lingering 'off' in the background, waiting for the 'on' signal--again. What does she see in that guy, anyway? Why him?
Dan Walsh cannot believe who he's seen Kat photographed with in the NYC society pages. The guy next to her is all scruff, long hair, and leather jackets. It looks like a cry for help from the woman he's been hung up on since their days at Columbia. But Dan's sitting tight. He's not calling her. Their last fight was a doozy. All Kat's fault. She needs to call him this time. And from the looks of the new guy she's with, Dan's expecting her concession call any day now.
But that call may never come after Kat uncovers shocking family secrets. The kind that put her in the sites of a killer when she discovers her life in one of NYC's elite families has been a lie. Even worse, her own family covered up the gruesome scandal decades earlier.
Whoever said family will always have your back never met a family like Kat's.

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